Welcome to Bravoo

Do what you love. Get paid properly.




Bravoo connects creatives in the performing arts and supporting industries so they can do what they love and get paid properly for it. We are the only job matching app to promote and encourage industry standard rates of pay.


Bravoo aims to grow the creative industries in a collaborative, ethical and sustainable way. As performers ourselves, we know what it’s like to work for next to nothing, and this is what inspired us to create Bravoo. We want all creatives to get more paid jobs and to get higher rates of pay per job. At Bravoo, we make industry standard pay rates available to all parties and encourage users to make fair deals that reflect the true value of creative work.


How it works


Using Bravoo is as easy as creating a profile and connecting with others in your industry.

You can post a job as a client, respond to a job posting as a creative, or do both! Once you have agreed to a job and a fair price, the client pays the full fee to Bravoo, and we hold onto it for you until the job is done to both parties’ satisfaction, at which time we pay the creative, minus our small 10% commission.


At Bravoo your data belongs to you at all times. We have adopted a ‘privacy by design’ approach to everything we do at Bravoo. View our privacy policy here.  


About the founders


Bravoo was founded by two dancers, Claudio and Kelly. (Claudio is a professional dancer. Kelly’s only been dancing for 3 years, but everyone’s got to start somewhere).


Claudio Tavares – founder, CEO


Claudio's passion for arts and culture spans over 25 years of global experience specialising in creative industries as well as being a creative producer and business manager. Along with his practical, high-level knowledge and professional experience Claudio has been working across a variety of arts areas with practice in community arts development, contemporary performance, performing arts and entertainment. 


Kelly Heylen – co-founder, COO


Kelly’s passion and expertise lies at the intersection of business and creativity. Her career spans teaching, researching, working and playing in this space, with the overarching goal of helping to grow the creative industries in a sustainable and ethical way. Through her alter ego, Glamazon (link), Kelly is a dancer and burlesque performer.